Reviews & Testimonials

"We had several road blocks that were handled with great professionalism.  Great team to work with. - Honored my dad as well.  Thank you. " - Kenneth Lee Nelson

"Very appreciative of your help in making this transaction happen while I was in another country." - Elizabeth Vanier

"I had worked with Cindy Sax last year to seel another property so was happy to follow her to Coldwell.  She went beyond all expectations in that sale, probably deserving a purple heart." - Edith Thomsen

"Cindy was awesome through this 3 month deal.  I have nothing good to say about Tucker (except) I know it had to be challanging for Cindy to deal with him.  I'm happy that she had the patience to do so. Cindy is great with updates.  I appreciate her taking the extra time and effort in texting me and emailing me through this process.  I'm pretty sure I won't be getting a questionaire concerning Tucker.  If I were, it would be negative across the board.  Thanks Cindy... we appreciated your hard work!! - Mark & Michelle Wilson